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Well hey there, muscle building enthusiast! We’re very happy that you’ve made steps towards improving your figure, health and well-being! Here you’ll find out about the importance of the anabolic diet and our go-to cookbook recommendation!

anabolic diet

Building our dream body is an ambitious and noble pursuit. It requires a lot of discipline, self-control and perseverance. But the good thing is – it pays off. Even when you’re far from your end goal physique, once you start seeing progress on the scale or in the mirror, it fills you up with more motivation to keep going.

We’ve all heard that a proper diet in combination with training will get you there faster. But just how much do we owe our physique and fitness progress to the food we eat? Let me tell you, it’s more than you think. Training hard, hitting the gym, doing cardio, that’s really important, no doubt here. But it’s only like half of the work. The other half, if not more is made in the kitchen.

Proper foods can get you miles ahead, while other foods can not only slow down your progress but even reverse it. In this article, we’ll tell you about a cookbook based on an anabolic diet and the powerful musclebuilding and weight loss capabilities it possesses. A cookbook with over 200 recipes for a diverse, healthy yet delicious meals to boost your muscle game!

What is an anabolic diet?

anabolic diet

The anabolic diet was first created in the 1990s by the famous Dr Mauro Di Pasquale. It is considered to be an outcome of the widespread usage of PED (Performance enhancing drugs), like anabolic steroids and others. Back then there was an outrage of doping scandals even on an Olympic level. So Dr Di Pasquale wanted to find a more healthy alternative to PEDs. And in 1995, he created the famous anabolic diet.

At its core, the diet consists of high protein and low carbs intake foods and meals. Dr Mauro took inspiration for the diet from the lifestyle and eating habits of famous bodybuilders from the 70s. Its key goal is helping you build muscle while shredding excessive fat without losing your muscle gains in the process. It is also efficient in building and retaining your strength and stamina.

The Anabolic Diet Cookbook

Now if you’re here because you’re eager to make some progress and you’re not sufficient with just ”average results”, then you are in the right place. Because here we’ve got you covered with an entire dedicated cookbook for the anabolic diet. Meet the french bodybuilder Chef Dave Ruel and his ”anabolicious” cookbook for fitness enthusiasts – Anabolic Cooking!

anabolic diet

Like we stated above, any serious musclebuilding enthusiast knows and understands the importance of proper nutrition during your fitness regime. Because no matter of your training rotation, the duration of cardio you perform or the number of weights you lift, your muscles won’t build by themselves or your stubborn fat won’t fall off just like that. Food, supplements, proper nutrition – these in combination with training make all that happen.

Popular misconceptions about healthy & nutritious food

The Chef from Anabolic Cooking debunks a couple of the most popular misconceptions/myths about the healthy diet:

  • Myth 1 – Bodybuilding food is boring and tasteless

If you believe this, then you are not alone. We have all grown accustomed connecting healthy food with green, grassy vegetables that taste terrible or plain numb on your tongue! But with this anabolic cookbook, not only are your dishes diverse (200 recipes packed inside) but tasty as well!

  • Myth 2 – No way there are meals, that taste good and promote muscle building

We’ve sometimes heard hardcore dieticians say ”if it tastes good – spit it out”. As in all tasty food is meant to taste bad and unrewarding. And everything that actually tastes good, most likely has too many carbs or fats and other ”proclaimed” enemies of the healthy physique. Well, to be stone-cold honest here, some foods that taste amazing are really bad if we eat them regularly. But we generally reserve them for the ”cheat days”. Did I mention, that the Anabolic Cookbook also has an entire section/guide for the cheat days as well? It does. Also a guide to how to manage your diet when you eat out.

  • Myth 3 – I’m not a good cook, so I won’t manage to prepare myself healthy meals

To be honest, I’m not very confident in the kitchen as well. Sometimes I get mad from reading recipe guides because most of the time they aren’t clear enough and I’m in the dark. But the man behind the Cookbook has simplicity and clarity in mind. Because Chef Dave knows that not everyone is Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen. So their aim is simplicity

  • Myth 4 – Eating healthy is too costly and heavy on the budget

Another thing Chef Dave Ruel from Anabolic Cooking had in mind while creating his list of recipes, is affordability. It’s not practical for everyone to eat truffles, expensive wild salmon, rare fruits and vegetables every day. So throughout most of their 200 recipes, they’ve picked up commonly used ingredients, so everyone can fully implement The Cookbook in their daily meal routine.

What will you find in the ”Anabolic Cooking” cookbook?

In this book you’ll find:

  1. More than 200 ”Anabolicious” easy to make recipes, with which you can diversify your diet, eat healthily yet enjoy your food!
  2. Anabolic diet and cooking fundamentals – everything you and every enthusiast or bodybuilder should know about diet and nutrition.
  3. Cooking and planning tips – How to prepare your entire week’s meal plans in just couple of hours.
  4. Post-workout – nutritional ideas and tips.
  5. Saving money while grocery shopping – Chef Dave advises how to fit your new diet plan into your budget.
  6. Building your Anabolic Cooking kitchen – Couple of great (and affordable) tips on certain tools to upgrade your kitchen to suit your new diet. Become the pro chef in the family!
  7. Cheat meals – last but not least, you’ll receive Chef Dave’s guide to cheat meals and how to handle them.

A ”sneak peek” of some of Chef Dave’s recipes

In addition to all these things packed in the Anabolic Cookbook, Chef Dave also guarantees regular updates to his customers for no additional fees after the initial purchase. Whether it’d be month or years from now, you’ll receive the newest tips or juicy recipes for free!

How much does this cost then, you might ask? Well for the time I’m writing this, Dave Ruel offers the Anabolic Cooking at just $9! Which is more than 50% from its original price of $19!

anabolic diet

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the anabolic diet!
We’d love to hear of your achievements in the gym AND the kitchen, so please share with us in the comments!

Happy gains from OwlKnow!



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