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We’ve written about the Forex market before in our ”Automated Forex Trading” article. There, we explained and explored the benefits of using software to help us build a source of stable passive income. Software like the WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution. But this time, we’ll tackle a different topic of Forex, aimed at boosting your trading game. That of companies who offer forex signals.

The Forex market and trading on the capital and financial markets, in general, is a complicated process. It’s usually followed with a great spectre of uncertainty and risk of losing some or all your investments. No one is immune to that risk, no matter if you’re a rookie trader or Warren Buffet himself. Although it will indeed help you greatly if you have basic financial literacy and most importantly – experience.

There are people and companies out there, who have a rich background in trading currencies and securities. So they have enough competence and expertise to offer services such as forex signals for the forex market. They are professionals but they don’t predict the market per se. More like, they offer daily or weekly forex signals, based on their own professional assumption of where the prices are headed.

These sort of signals are beneficial for people, who are just starting to trade and have no clue how to speculate on the currency market. Or people with not enough time to research the market’s movements. But as any other niche out there, there are fraudsters as well. So a person needs to be careful and only trust well-renowned investors.

Here, we are about to offer you two of our top pics of experienced traders who offer trustworthy forex signals.

The ”1000Pip Builder”

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More than 10 years of experience

Meet the man behind 1000Pip Builder – Bob James. With over 10 years of experience and career in one of London’s influential financial institutions, Bob has proven himself as a reliable and professional trader and mentor. He now wants to share his expertise and help people with his deep analytical skills and understanding of the Forex market. Bob believes that a solid understanding of the financial markets is necessary for stable gains and minimum loss.

One of Bob’s strong sides is the ability to competently interpret market moves and to try to ”see behind the scenes”. And based on that information, he tries to turn it into winning trades. Thus, with his Forex signals, he helps his customers make money as well.

6 reasons you should try it out!

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24/5 support

Bob James is headquartered in London, but he actively trades on the European, US and Asian markets. It doesn’t matter in which time zone you are. You’ll be able to benefit from his forex signals at every time of the day.

Earn and Learn

It’s common for rookie traders to find themselves lost in the Forex market and all it’s features, buttons and action bars. What is good about 1000Pip Builder, is that once you sign up, it will immediately send you guides on your email, that will help you explore and navigate the entire UI. So that you know what you’re doing and not just blindly trust what the Forex signals tell you.

How the forex signals works

Throughout each trading day, the team behind 1000Pip Builder carefully analyses the Forex market and search for the best trading opportunity. When a trade is entered, you will receive immediate notification. Usually via E-mail or SMS. Once you have clear information, you’re free to place the specified order on the go. You can do it while outside on your phone or tablet, or at home on your computer. It’s that simple.

From what sort of forex signals membership plans can you choose from?

If you’re eager to try out what we’ve been talking about here, you can pick from three different membership plans.

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If you simply want to try out 1000Pip Builder, then I suggest you go for the 1 Month. But I guarantee you, that you’ll quickly return your investment and won’t be disappointed. If you find it suitable, you can go ahead and subscribe for a longer period. By doing so, you’ll save a big chunk of cash instead of going month-per-month.


Whether you’re an experienced trader or a beginner, I guarantee you will benefit from the 1000Pip Builder. While it’s true that most pros usually score high gains on their own, they too can benefit from good daily analysis. And for beginners, such services are an absolute must. Because many people get very excited and are quick to try their luck in Forex. While the financial markets indeed are commonly used for speculations and ”gambling” even, I must say though that it isn’t a casino.

Plenty of people lose money due to their lack of knowledge and basic conceptual understanding. Getting excited about potential profits feels good, but one must dwell carefully and not lose his or her hard-earned money. So, when it comes to finance, we from OwlKnow plead that people should educate themselves and do their own research. And of course – trust those with experience!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our article about forex signals! Do make sure to write us a review if you’ve tried 1000Pip Builder, we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, OwlKnow wishes you successful trading!


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